So, for no real reason at all I decided to start painting plates.

It started as a plan to cover the epic job that is Christmas shopping. I have a lot of people to buy for, its ridiculous, and a small headache trying to figure out what to get everyone, and how you’re going to afford it all. My plan has often been to hatch a creative scheme, to make my presents rather than buy them. I’ve always been more partial to the DIY option anyway. A few Christmas’s ago after I’d just started making them everyone got necklaces. And this year, it was going to be plates.

Like I say, don’t know why. Just thought it would be fun to paint my own, and as a present, they’re something that one cannot have too much of. I’m talking nice little anti pasti type plates for olives and cakes and such, not dinner plates.

Thus I got underway, painting some 30 odd plates as Christmas gifts. And through the process my dear friend Jess, who is starting an online store, and who has quite a particularly fabulous eye for fabulous things, said that I just had to do some for her.

So now, it’s a thing. I paint plates, Sophie Stone for The Feather Tribe. Follow that link and it will take you them, and you can even buy some, as well as peruse the other fabulous things Jess has in her store. (Oh look aren’t those Sophie’s necklaces too!) Yes, yes they are.

all plates



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