Sabine & Jonny

APRIL 2014


On Saturday the 12th I performed my second wedding using my awesome legal power, and married two love birds Sabine and Jonny.

Sabine & Jonny heard of me through our mutual friend Amelia when they were on the hunt for a celebrant. They wanted someone they could relate to, and a ceremony without all the structure and formality and stiffness of a lot of weddings these days. And I just seemed to fit the bill.

photo 2Sabine comes from Germany, Jonny from Britain. The wedding took place in the romantic surroundings of the Scarborough Cliffs, a spot rich in happy memories of past summers and holidays spent by the pair.

The ceremony was set to take place on Wombarra beach, but unfortunately the weather turned dark and stormy, and we were forced to retreat indoors. I kept the original dress code however, and performed the ceremony in bare feet.


It was a somewhat shaky start for me, as I poorly navigated the south Coast train lines en route to the wedding, and nearly didn’t make it in time. A mixture of poor calculation, unforeseen track-work, and just a really bloody stupid train timetable. Even with all my preparation and overestimating time travel I still managed to fuck it up in classic Soph style. Yikes, not a good start.

But made it to the wedding in the end.


I was a little nervous about this one (and running so late wasn’t helping). It was my 2cd ceremony, and this one with a crowd of people I was unfamiliar with. I always used to get nervous when going on stage, no matter how well rehearsed I felt the butterflies would take over. And though this is a wedding and not a play, it is still a performance of sorts.


But it was marvelous, right from the get go.

When Sabine made her entrance the crowd of family and friends erupted in cheering and clapping, which got louder and louder as she walked down the aisle. I can only describe it as joyous, as Sabine laughed and waved her bouquet in the air, amid cheers and whoops. It was like a rock star had just entered the building, and the fans were going wild. Surely, this is how a wedding is meant to begin.

And FYI, Sabine was the biggest babe of a bride you ever did see. Most brides you would describe in one word as beautiful, but this one was HOT.

Sabine and Jonny wanted the ceremony to be simple, and honest. We cut out a lot of the formality and tried to make it as personal as possible. Following all the legal jargon, Sabine and Jonny has chosen to write their own vows, and these were so sincere and sweet and heartfelt that nearly the whole room was in tears.


It was touching how many of the guests and family members came up to me afterwards, to tell me how much they liked the ceremony, and how different it was, and weren’t those vows just beautiful.The whole thing just felt so honest, and personal, and there was such joy in the air. It was wonderful to be a part of it, and share in the happy day.


Sabine and Jonny, it was an utter pleasure to be your celebrant. It is still a surreal kind of power, this being able to marry people, knowing that legally you have just transformed two people into husband and wife, I sometimes forget that I indeed have that power. I stayed for a few drinks to celebrate, then departed from what was sure to turn into a fabulously wild party.


Today I filed the paperwork, and sent it off to the government. Done. That’s 2 notches on the celebrant belt now.


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