Craft Club

11 May 2014

On recently completing a ‘Grumpy Cat Cross Stitch’ class, I started a growing obsession. I love working in new mediums, and experimenting with different materials in my work, and these days I seem to be in a real sewing zone.

I sat Googling Cross Stitch patterns with my friend Sarah, a fellow Cross Stitch enthusiast and fan of Taxidermy, and remarked that the only downside was it’s a bit of a lonely sport. The need to concentrate and count stitches rules out being able to watch TV while working. “We should Cross Stitch in a group to keep each other company” I joked. “ That’s a great idea.” Said Sarah.

And Craft Club was born.

I quickly set about making a logo, what kind of club would we be without one. Something ridiculous and girly was just what we needed. Boom. Unicorns and pastel. We locked in a meeting time and we were away.

craft club logo

3 week roster, rotating houses, host provides the snacks, everyone else brings wine and their craft.

And it was excellent. First meeting at Sarah’s place saw such an excellent spread of meat and cheese (quite appropriately set out on dainty Nanna plates) that there was the worry we wouldn’t get anything done but eat and gossip. But nerd burgers we are, we were soon stitching and cutting, and in some cases colouring in Little Mermaid drawing books. We do not discriminate on craft.

craft club work

Can’t believe we have to wait a whole 3 weets for the next meeting. Best club ever.


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