May 2014

So we have a blackboard at work, and among the random list of jobs that come under my title, blackboard illustrations is one of them. But I’m not complaining, I like this task.

I always start at a bit of a loss as to what to design, you want something with a bit of integrity and punch, but it also has to be relatively PC: this is a high foot traffic area with clients coming through. The theme is usually something seasonal, but always trying to maintain a certain left field edge to my work. The blackboard as a medium has also provided me with the opportunity to create an interactive element to the work, a classic Game of Where’s Willy, with the presence of a small, and somewhat camouflaged wang in the midst of each piece. Collect the set.

So starting with the latest board I did this week, then working backwards to previous boards.


THE EINSTEIN: A  bit more fresh and random, and unrelated to anything in particular. But always good advice, from the original genius, Einstein.

einstin board

einstein wang


THE SWANS: This one was in the lead up to Valentines day. Wanted something a little sweet to get everyone in the mood, but not some similar to the cheesy greeting card spew you normally see.


swan wang

THE SCULPTURE POSTER: This was a great chance to advertise an event we had coming up, our own company take on the ‘Sculptures by the Sea’. We had the entie agency make a self portrait of themselves, in any medium they chose, and hired the Greenwich baths to display them. The result was a kick ass party and some actually incredible art.

sculpture board

sculpture wang


THE CHRISTMAS SEASON: Had to do something christmassy, bleedin shops start advertising it in October when Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. But again, wanted to do something less cheesy then the garb you normally see.

xmas board

xmas wang


THE FLORAL: This was the first board. i can’t actually remember if it was around spring, perhaps. Just thought it would look striking is all, wanted the first one to pop with colour to catch everyone’s eye. Also wasn’t sure what I’d get away with, so flowers seemed to be a more play it safe option.

floral board

floral wang


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