Elephant Blackboard

So my last week at work rolled around, I had gotten a new job see, very exciting stuff of this kid who has been looking and wanting for quite some time now. I had managed to get myself a proper job, a grown up job. I would moving into TV production as a Directors Assistant, and I could not be more excited; I was moving on. And so I thought it appropriate to do one last blackboard, something to remember me by, something witty, something to hang poignantly in the air while everyone wondered just who was going to make the coffee now…

Now those of you who have been playing at home know that in every board design I slip in a cheeky little willy, just the crude childlike kind, very tasteful mind. It began with the first design, and soon became a fond tradition of the office, a good old game of where’s willy.

So I thought, seeing as it was the last one, what with me leaving, why not be a little daring, why not a whole design full of Willy’s, because I could…

So, presenting the final board; The Elephant in the Room.


elephant board


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