Now this is a little left field I grant, but I am also a registered marriage celebrant.

J & MTwo of my best friends Mat and Jess got married in 2011, by yours truly. Initially when they invited me over for dinner and told me they had decided what my role in the wedding would be, I thought it would be something along the lines of drawing name place cards. I was wrong. Celebrant it was, and now is.

The ceremony took place under an archway of driftwood and daisy’s in Bali, and thankfully it was such a busy morning getting everything ready I barely had time to get nervous. Turns out the hardest thing about being a celebrant and marrying your friends, is trying not to cry during the ceremony, and as Mat and Jess had written such beautiful vows this proved a real challenge.


But I have to admit, saying “by the power vested in me” (cos I have that power) and getting to pronounce your friends husband and wife, is pretty cool.

I had never thought of this as my new career, but going through all the bother (and with Australian law there is a lot of bother involved) I figure I’ll do some more. There are lots of friends currently popping the question to keep me in business after all.

j & m 3


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