Ink & MarrowI have always drawn pictures, and painted and generally sketched my way through life. I used to think to myself, one day I’m going to make animation, and make my pictures move. One day.

In 2012 a friend suggested to me we make a little video, a music video for a friends band ‘Doc holiday takes the shotgun’, and I could draw it. Why not-what an idea!

The piece was scratchy and rough, which actually suited the band and the song just fine. I used traditionally methods of animation, drawing page by page like a flip book. It was a long process, but an incredibly rewarding one, and gave me the first taste for animation.

Watch the music video for Doc Holiday takes the Shotgun

In 2013 I made my first short animated film Ink & Marrow. The film is a quiky little love story – about a girl who is independent and self assured and laughs at the world, but who is none the less lonely.

Not having any training in digital animation I went old school, and made ‘Ink & Marrow’ like a stop motion. Drawing everything by hand, illustrating the sequences, then cutting everything out, rigging a camera and taking a million photos as we moved it around the page. This time I  edited the film myself, something I found I also enjoyed immensely, for the detail and precision of it.


The film was entered into Tropfest 2013, and from the total of 1,200 films was shortlisted to the top 100. It was such an amazing experience making it, and working with friends that it spurred a desire to make more.

Watch Ink & Marrow

From there I made my second short animated film ‘Chump’, using the same style and method.

Chump Poster

Now all I want to do is make more, more. And I think next time, I want to mix it up and try something new. I love creating animation, and I will no doubt make more, but for my next project I would love to work with real people. watch this space.

View Sophie’s films:

Doc Holiday takes the Shotgun

Ink & Marrow



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