Craft – Bump in the night

Bump in the Night, 2012

So at one point I decided there was a gap in the market of jewellery, of big colorful beaded necklaces. I was looking to wear them, I couldn’t find them, so I decided to make them.

The necklaces are made with felt backing, and hand sewn bead by bead, and each piece is a one of a kind. The designs vary in crazy animals and creatures, they’re big, and bold and colorful. A good conversation starter.

After a time a Melbourne company Edition X got in contact with me, about designing a range for their store. They particularly loved the ones with teeth, so I designed a range for them, the Bump in the night collection, specializing in scary monsters.  Necklaces are available online at Edition X


1.sparkly rex 2.big blue rex 3.neon green rex & yellow skull & red skull & green skull yeti 8.pearl yeti 9.mulit yeti shark 11.sparkly shark 12.multi shark


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