Painting – Of The Skin

Of The Skin, 2012

I have always been a lover of animals, cats in particular. I am fascinated by their nature and style of living. They are such beautiful creatures with so much personality and character, if you take the time to get to know them.

On moving to Sydney I became more aware of dogs, they seem to be the most popular companion for Sydney goers; you see them everywhere. They have the ability to learn, they are extremely loyal and loving, and hot damn they are cute.

On beginning a relationship with my then boyfriend, under his influence I became a vegetarian. He was the sort that knows all the cruel procedures they put animals through when they kill them, the horrible conditions that they ‘farm’ them in, and all the chemicals and crap that goes into the meat. And he would happily tell you all these things while you chow down into your chicken.

I learned more about the unjust treatment of animals, not just ones that are cruelly farmed and butchered for our dinners, but wild animals that have become endangered by poachers and habitat loss. As a species we think far too much about ourselves, and pay little attention to what consequences our actions have on the planet, and as a result hundreds of species have become endangered.

This show was a tribute to some of the beautiful animals and mammals of our world, who have fallen victim to our careless actions.

Money raised from Of the Skin was donated to WWF, an organization working to save and stabilize hundreds of endangered species.


Of The Skin, Katipo coffee House, Bondi, 2011.

poodle 2

poodle 2





Silverback Gorilla

polar bear


elephant trunk



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