Film – Chump

Chump, 2013

Chump_promo3Chump was the third piece of animated short film I made. A childhood spent drawing relentlessly left me with a desire to make animation.

In the absence of any proper digital training and animation know how, I’ve gravitated towards a stop motion approach. Something that allows me to combine film making with illustration, meaning I have complete control of the visual look of the film.

I wrote the script, compiled a (large) list of everything I needed to draw, draw it all. Then myself and some committed wonderful friends came together for the shoot, a little different from my your regular film shoots. A few lights and a camera on a tripod, and a day spent moving all the cut out drawings around a page and taking hundreds of photos.

I love the whole process of film making, its a different kind of experience to my previous mediums of making pieces of theater, or paintings for an exhibition. And is a chance to collaborate with talented friends.


So, Chump, the latest piece. A break down on the story:


The tale of one mans war on small change.

Our hero is an ordinary bloke going about his day to day; drinking coffee, going to work, jerking off. This is not a tale of epic proportions, or wild adventure, but an average guy, dealing with traffic and crowds, and getting infuriated, arguably quite rationally, by five-cent coins.

Chump was shot as a stop motion animated film.


Watch Chump.

Directed and animated by Sophie Stone

Sound engineering Ant Tiernan

Post production supervisor Lucas Vazquez

D.O.P Jess Polaschek

Production crew Annabel Jenkins and Renee Nadin

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