Baby Blanket

APRIL 2014


It seems there is no end to the random things I end up making and doing. Don’t get me wrong, I like a challenge, and I like trying a new medium and making something new, I just seem to be kept guessing about just what it is I’ll make next. On this particular occasion, I was to be commissioned to make a baby quilt.

brendan x2Some time ago, as part of a work exhibition event I curated and produced, I made a portrait of another colleague. Another fellow cat lover I chose to depict him snugly as a blanket, a quilt of felt, patched together not with squares but with cat heads. The piece now hangs in the area in which I sit, tho is often taken off the wall on occasion to comfort and warm a hungover soul. And one day my friend Claire was looking at this blanket and asked me ” do you think you could make me a baby version”

Why not, I replied.

And so I began, Claire being in charge of organized the present for a college having a baby provided me with the colour pallet, and the featured theme ‘owls’, to match their nursery decorations, and I was away.

The piece took some 14 hours to sew, though this could have been sped up in parts with the help of a sewing machine, but was great fun to make. The bulk of the design was done in felt, I like working with felt, a fun fabric with the major bonus that it doesn’t fray. Though the back of the blanket I did in a lovely soft fleecy fabric, something nice for baby to rub her face on.

So, can now add baby blanket maker to the CV, ever growing random skill set. Already have an idea for the next one….








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