Wes Anderson birthday

So as you may or may not be aware Wes Anderson is my favourite film director. i just freaking adore his movies. The costumes, the sets, the oh so precise camera angles and symmetry of them. Even if you are one of those squares that just gets stuck on the fact that the characters are a bit odd, you cannot deny they are a thing of beauty.

So for my late birthday, my 30th, a bit of a milestone, I decided what better way to celebrate than with a Wes themed soiree.

The first part of this glorious plan was the invite. I decided to make a little short film, a tribute to the many meticulously thought out flat lays and point of view hand shots that feature in his films. I had an absolute ball making the invite alone. Happy birthday to me.

Et Voila

And then the party itself- what an absolute treat. I booked a space at a Bar in town- the Della Hyde. A bar inspired by the The Grand Budapest Hotel, it’s styled like the beautiful pink hotel lobby. Dress code was obvious- and my friends did not disappoint. I have never been more delighted with a room full of people.


I went as Margot of corse- a lifelong dream of mine, I so adore this character.

Eli Ben

Ben as Eli Cash- the end of the movie when he’s high as a kite and drives the car into the side of the house killing the dog. I did the facepaint.


Jess Madame

Best dressed of the night had to go to Jess, who went as the Madame from Grand Budapest Hotel. This girl is actuality super hot but you CANNOT TELL.

the boys

Moonrise Kingdom and Darjeeling Limited were both handsomely represented.



team Zissou

Team Zissou.


Foxies. Right?! How good do they look?

margot & ritchie

Best. Night. Ever.


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