A Flamboyance of Flamingos- my book

A long cherished ambition of mine has been to create a children’s book, the perfect project and merge of 2 of my favourite passions- writing and illustration.

And now after 2 years of hard slog, and months of fundraising and crowd sourcing, we have made it happen.

I am so pleased and proud to present to you my latest and greatest project- my very own children’s book- A Flamboyance of Flamingos.


The book is written and illustrated by yours truly, and is a quirky little story about animals and collective nouns. 

whale page

I decided to produce the book myself, and raised the funds for printing through a crowd sourced Kickstarter campaign. Backers were asked to pledge and get behind the project, and in return could earn themselves not only first edition copies of the book, but colouring in books, limited edition signed and numbered prints and even original artworks.

lion page

The campaign was an enormous success, fuelled by the incredibly supportive community of friends and family around me and across the world, we made our budget and made the dream become a reality.

back cover

To get yourself a copy, head to Published Art bookstore.






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